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Insights & Innovation

The Internet infrastructure industry faces a diverse set of serious issues ranging from security, safety, and privacy issues to forward-thinking business practices. To address these issues, we need to learn from and cooperate with each other along with other like-minded organizations who understand the nuts and bolts of the Internet.

The i2Coalition Insights & Innovation Committee facilitates important discussions and cooperation on methods and practices that will promote security, safety and privacy, and issues relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

More on the i2Coalition Insights & Innovation Committee


To empower member organizations with access to information and knowledge that help them make better decisions regarding technology and business procedures, as well as removing barriers to underserved groups within the tech industry.

The i2Coalition Insights & Innovation committee plans a series of webinars discussing current issues within the tech industry relating to i2Coalition’s core issues. Topics include technological and procedural best practices, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. Building a better and safer Internet requires new ways of thinking and the inclusion of more diversity among those who build, maintain, and use it. 

The committee finds leading experts and technologists to present their own efforts, research and points of view in an online webinar format for i2Coalition members. 

What We are Working On

The Best Practices Speaker Series: The i2Coalition Insights & Innovation Committee directs the selection of topics and experts to feature in our ongoing Best Practices Speaker Series aimed at making the Internet a better and safer place through the use of technology, policy, and day-to-day practices. These sessions take place in a webinar format over the course of 90 minutes with opportunities for member feedback and Q&A. 

Making Critical Connections: Advise and partner with diversity advocacy groups and important voices in the technology space to discuss concerns and assess solutions that will expand opportunities for marginalized groups.

Highlights from 2021 Speaker Series:

The 2021 Speaker Series highlighted actions, initiatives and ideas within the Internet’s infrastructure aimed at making the Internet a better, safer place by sharing best practices. i2C member Jim Galvin moderated three webinars, each on a specific industry topic, and highlighting further action that can be taken by members. Each session may be attended by current i2Coalition members. The webinar-style format allows members to ask questions as well as share their knowledge and experiences. 

The themes for 2021 are as follows:

We’re always looking for current and new members to get involved and help us tackle these issues. If this sounds like something you’re interested in being involved in, please contact us about joining the i2Coalition.


Want To Work Together?

The i2Coalition’s work is supported by a membership compromised of leaders in the Internet infrastructure community. i2Coalition members receive detailed, monthly policy reports, benefits from other members, access to special events, and more.

If you are an i2Coalition Member and would like to join the Best Practices Initiative, you or your company representative can sign into the i2Coalition Member Network and join this or any other working groups. If you are not a member but are interested in membership to the Best Practices Initiative, please contact Membership Director, Hilary van der Meulen using the form below.

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