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The i2Coalition takes part in the following groups on behalf of its members:



Aligned Organizations

The i2Coalition works with a number of organizations.  We believe that you get more done together than by going it alone.  Indeed, on virtually every issue, we work with other organizations to achieve our goals.  Not only does this allow us to maximize our voice, but it also demonstrates the scope and breadth of support for our positions.  Our work with these organizations is pragmatic:  while we may not agree on all issues, we do agree in the importance of Internet policy and the importance of working together.

Over the course of the past three years we have had the opportunity to work with a number of impressive organizations on issues that range from surveillance to reforming the patent system.  Projects have ranged from multi year strategic planning initiatives to persuasive advocacy. What each of the organizations below have in common is a passion for making the Internet great.  We strive to broaden the scope of work with other organizations, and encourage those with aligned interests to reach out.


These include:


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