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Working Groups & Initiatives: Community Collaboration


The VPN Trust Initiative (or “VTI”) is a consortium of leading VPN providers focused on improving digital safety for consumers by building understanding, strengthening trust, and mitigating risk for users.

The VTI was formed in 2019 when i2Coalition brought together five key VPN providers to participate in a new initiative aimed at fostering cooperation in the industry. In the time since then, members have leveraged their collective first-hand knowledge and insights to advocate for beneficial VPN technical standards and business best-practices.

In 2020, the i2Coalition introduced the VPN Trust Initiative Principles, a comprehensive set of best practices for VPN providers that bolster consumer confidence and provider accountability and ultimately increase VPN adoption and access to the technology’s benefits.

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The Domain Name Association (“The DNA”) Working Group began as a trade association for the domain name industry to promote growth and innovation, communicate the benefits of domains, and provide resourcing and networking opportunities. The DNA merged with the i2Coalition in 2020 to further its mandate and together provide an even stronger voice for those who build the Internet.

The DNA maintains the, a helpful resource for materials so that everyone can get the most out of domain names.

The i2Coalition’s work is supported by a membership compromised of leaders in the Internet infrastructure community. i2Coalition members receive detailed, monthly policy reports, benefits from other members, access to special events, and more? 

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