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Who are we?We are the voice for those who build the Internet. We protect innovation and advocate for the continued growth of the Internet’s infrastructure.

Why are we needed? We need those who understand and actually build the technology to have a say in policy. What are some ways policy decisions being made now that result in poor outcomes? Here are the following primary ways:

Lawmakers Make  Well-Meaning but Uninformed Policies The commercial Internet is relatively young and politicians may not know the role Internet infrastructure companies play in sustaining the content & connectivity offered by other industry players. We help inform them.

A Few Large Organizations Could Capture & Control the Internet The big players and their lawyers and lobbyists are writing an “Internet rulebook” that dominates the industry & favors their self-interests over the health of the free and open Internet.

What are some of the potential outcomes?

Lawmaker Overreach Resulting in Collateral Damage Lawmakers do not intend to jeopardize online businesses but in trying to resolve problems in the content or telecom sector, lawmakers risk overreach by enacting laws and regulations that inadvertently restrict our industry. 

Death by Poorly Drafted Regulation Without a venue in which to develop position statements around policies that benefit ALL industry players, small business are susceptible to being burdened by legislation that prohibits or limits their ability to conduct business.

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