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i2Coalition Policy Report


Leaders in the Internet infrastructure industry are grappling with:

  • How to get ahead of harmful regulations crafted by legislators that unwittingly threaten their business
  • Appearing unaware of business risks due to never-ending constraints on their time and resources and lacking a reliable go-to resource to be informed
  • Losing their strategic advantage due to regulation and policy impacts on their customer and company operations
  • “Intelligent Threats” that harness AI and machine learning, endangering the Internet
  • How to protect data and critical Internet infrastructure in an ever-evolving digital landscape
  • Losing track of business risks due to ever-increasing constraints on their time and resources
  • AI-driven threats that endanger the entire Internet 

For the past 12 years, distribution of our premium monthly policy threat intelligence (U.S. Legislative Update, EU Update) has been limited to members of i2Coalition. We are now offering access to these materials to a limited number of subscribers.  

Within the Cloud Policy Report:
  • We distill the best policy threat intelligence about the Internet from a diverse range of trusted sources into authoritative documents that are clearly written and user-friendly, and only available to subscribers.
  • You will find unparalleled access to critical, timely updates about the latest policies and regulations affecting data and security concerns, intermediary liability and content policy, privacy, data policies, copyright/IP, law enforcement, antitrust/competition, cybersecurity, trade/tax, artificial intelligence (AI), and telecommunications.

i2Coalition is the premier advocacy organization for Internet infrastructure leaders driving growth and innovation essential to the global economy. We are the ultimate resource for policymakers interested in shaping internet infrastructure.

Reading our reports will help you:

  • Learn the status of the most important current policy debates affecting the Internet’s infrastructure
  • Quickly gain a clear perspective on global regulatory trends and their role in the  evolution of major technologies and infrastructure affecting your company’s future
  • More easily understand specific policy issues, enabling you to influence policymakers about regulatory proposals potentially affecting the long-term viability of your business 
  • Acquire the information you need to more effectively educate those who influence data governance and security protocols
  • Equip yourself to influence policy debates related to sensitive data
  • Obtain the most relevant insights and knowledge to protect and grow your business in the face of policy threats and opportunities
 For a PDF of this information to review and share, click here.

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