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Join The ICANN Business Constituency

Written by i2Coalition founding member and ICANN Business Constituency representative, Jay Sudowski, of Handy Networks.

Join The ICANN Business Constituency And Decide The Fate Of The Internet

The i2Coalition was founded with a simple mission, giving the companies that make up the nuts and bolts of the Internet a voice in politics and in the global Internet governance bodies. I am a proud founding member of the i2Coalition. Over the years I have participated in a number of Congressional lobbying events and have attended the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) twice (in Bali and Istanbul). I also serve as the i2Coalition Representative to the Business Constituency (BC) within ICANN. Participating in ICANN events and meetings has led me to grow very passionate about Internet Governance. I take pride in ensuring that Internet infrastructure companies have a seat at the table on important issues. This seat allows us to craft policy that brings a net benefit to our industry and the greater global Internet. It also enables us to object to policies that would be extremely detrimental to our industry, and to the free and open Internet.

Part of what we do within ICANN has explained the role of the intermediary online. Should you, as a hosting, data center or cloud computing company be fully responsible for these misdeeds of your customers, many of whom were running on an outdated server platform? Should your company be immediately responsible for the misdeeds of, unbeknownst to you, a massive criminal enterprise who purchases your services? I hope your answer is a resounding NO. Unfortunately, certain groups are working hard to make sure that we actually ARE held responsible for these kinds of incidents, without due process. It comes to our involvement with ICANN and the BC to confront these groups and stop unworkable intermediary liability frameworks once and for all.

You can sign up for the ICANN Business Constituency directly here.

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