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Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

The Diversity & Inclusion Initiative encourage policies and practices that promote under-represented people of all kinds within technology industries. i2Coalition members comprise this working group. They engage industry leaders to broaden the technology workforce and support those already in it. The DII advises and partners with existing, like-minded policy, education, and workplace advocacy groups to achieve these goals.

Core Values

  • Advocate. Be a voice to promote diversity and equity for all in industries supporting Internet technology and operations.
  • Network. Promote networking activities to encourage and support diversity and equity for all in technology fields.
  • Collaborate. Support the needs of organizations already working to provide educational and other opportunities in an effort to improve diversity and equity for all in technology fields.

What we’re working on…

  • Bring together panelists to engage in an open dialogue about how we can all contribute to the improvement of diversity and equity in our space.
  • Advise and partner with diversity advocacy groups in the technology space on critical issues and building opportunities.

Watch Our 2021 Briefing on Paid Leave in the US Tech Industry

Working Group Chair

Reg Levy

i2Coalition Role: Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Chair
Company: Tucows
Position: Head of Compliance

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Recent Diversity & Inclusion Updates

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