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Member Benefits

The One Benefit that Matters Most: Protecting this Industry

i2Coalition members have a voice in Internet politics, and are fighting for this industry. We exist to foster the growth of the Internet infrastructure industry and ensure it isn’t crippled by bad legislation. The i2Coalition has established itself as the leading unified voice for the Internet infrastructure industry. Member companies help protect their own futures by joining the fight against bad legislation and regulation, and the fight for legislative policies that will make sure this industry survives and thrives. The optimum reason to join the i2Coalition is to protect your business.

Other member benefits include:

Internet Industry Updates

Monitoring industry news and staying up to date on major Internet policy issues is essential. Our team monitors daily for legislative updates, member news, and other industry topics to stay on top of media messaging.

Social Media and Content Opportunities

The i2Coalition is active across social media channels and capitalizes on new audience opportunities. We offer support to members who are posting on channels across the web  about topical member news, policy priorities, and industry topics.The i2Coalition is eager to celebrate the achievements of its members online. Members have the opportunity to guest post on our blog to further promote our industry priorities. All member logos are featured on our website along with links to their websites.

Policy Briefings and Research

Members will be able to participate in periodic briefings that the i2Coalition will be holding to share the latest news about our efforts and how they can participate. The i2Coalition delivers deep resources and insight for members on background materials, policy priorities, and talking points about the industry.

Media Expertise

The i2Coalition works with a team of consultants that can help members in a variety of ways. From drafting op-eds to letters to the editor, our professional team is equipped to be of assistance on messaging for our members. In addition to drafting, our team helps place member op-eds and schedule interviews about our priorities to ensure that our message continues to be heard, as well as help with message branding.

Member Briefings

When available, members are included in meetings with members of Congress and their staff to discuss i2Coalition priorities and projects. In addition, we facilitate tours that elected officials have taken of our members’ facilities to show leaders how our industry’s part of the Internet operates.


The i2Coalition is fortunate to work with many partners on special events and conferences. We often extend invitations to exclusive gatherings to our members at industry conferences throughout the country and more often in Washington, D.C.


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