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Internet Governance

Issues: Internet Governance

We support the interests of Internet infrastructure providers in the multi-stakeholder Internet governance model.

Since its early days, the Internet has been governed on a collaborative basis, with constituents sharing ideas and debating best practices. Internet governance has become more complex as it’s grown, but it still follows a collaborative “multi-stakeholder model” where consensus includes representatives from governments, businesses, civil society groups, individuals, and more.

We make sure our members are informed about what is happening in Internet governance, and that our members’ concerns are addressed, especially in multi-stakeholder forums like the meetings of ICANN (a not-for-profit partnership that represents the multiple stakeholders that make up Internet governance).

The i2Coalition ICANN Working Group analyses complicated and technical Internet governance issues and provide members information they need to form an informed stance on each issue. The Committee then decides on a position on these issues and coordinates i2Coalition engagement with the multi-stakeholder communities that manage the root and other global functions of the Internet.

The i2Coalition ICANN Committee represents the industry when ICANN brings together the multi-stakeholder community at ICANN’s three yearly meetings and beyond.

Recent Updates On Internet Governance

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