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What We Do: Education

i2Coalition Educational Efforts

The i2Coalition understands that legislators are generally not technologists, though they’re often tasked with crafting legislation that has far-reaching effects on the Internet—and the people and companies that rely on it.

In other words, poor Internet legislation is often the result of limited understanding.

In our mission to support the continued growth and development of the Internet infrastructure industry, the i2Coalition leverages our members’ diverse expertise in guiding legislators toward outcomes that reflect how the Internet actually works—and the Internet is a very complicated creature. These are some of our educational efforts:

A free and open learning platform for the global Internet community, providing an overview and training material for newcomers in the domain name industry. This online training consists of more than fifteen presentations. You can view them on any device at any time, and download it for free. These slide decks are a great starting point for understanding how naming works on the Internet.

Domain Name Association Working Group (The DNA)

The DNA began as a trade association for the domain name industry to promote growth and innovation, communicate the benefits of domains, and provide resourcing and networking opportunities. The DNA merged with the i2Coalition in 2020 to further its mandate of providing a strong, clear voice for those who build the Internet.

This free and open calendar project covers upcoming events in the technology, marketing, startup, hosting, and domain name space. It helps the global Internet community plan its event-participation resources for maximum positive impact.

One-on-One Training on Internet Issues

We welcome legislators and regulators to reach out to us for training on specific Internet-related topics and issues. We deliver the facts and context, so policy-makers can do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Recent Updates On Education

The i2Coalition’s work is supported by a membership compromised of leaders in the Internet infrastructure community. i2Coalition members receive detailed, monthly policy reports, benefits from other members, access to special events, and more? 

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